【Only in Japan!】Nissin Miso Ginger Cup Noodles 🇯🇵

Nissin Cup Noodle has recently launched several new flavours to their collection. With Miso Ginger and Bukkomi Meshi!

For the Miso Ginger, the cup noodles contain a rich pork stock and miso based soup, with the addition of ginger and garlic, making it to be extra zesty!


The Miso Ginger flavour noodles are now available in supermarkets and stores and are sold for ¥205 (~ £1.50).

As for the Bukkomi Meshi, it’s basically rice with the instant ramen broth. So instead of finding noodles in this cup you will be able to find rice instead!

cup noodles

This is also available in supermarkets and stores, however it costs a bit more than the Miso Ginger cup noodle, where it is sold for ¥220 (~ £1.60).

It appears that Nissin seems to not only focus on noodles and rice, but with pasta as well! However this is cheaper than the previous two where it is sold for ¥180 (~ £1.30).

cup noodle.png

Just looking at the pictures makes me feel so hungry lol I think the rice one should be really tasty 😋😋😋

You can watch Japanese Youtuber HikakinTV do a review of the rice cup noodle below:

💕Miss Wai Ting


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