【Hotel Review】Holiday Inn Express Hull City Centre

I decided to write a review about the hotel that I stayed at when I was in Hull. The reason for this is because for the first time ever, I have spent so much time in the hotel room, in which I started to get bored and thought about writing a review.

Very often whenever I go on holidays, I would spend most of my time outside exploring the place, and very rarely would I have the luxury to be just chilling in my room… and the fact that there wasn’t any internet in the hotel, made me have a lot of free time to think about the good and bad things about this hotel.

Let’s GO!

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【Hull】Hull is 2017 City of Culture? 🇬🇧

This city is not what I expected in many different ways…

For those who may have read my previous posts, you will remember me mentioning that I will be going to Hull for an interview. I obviously used this great opportunity to look around Hull city, as it is my first time coming to Hull.

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【London】2016 London Open House Event 🇬🇧

Definitely worth going again.

Why? Simply because there was still a lot of buildings that Miss Wai Ting wasn’t able to go to T.T

Places like St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminister Abbey was already fully booked when she went to the Open House website, which is why next year Miss Wai Ting is going to be constantly checking to make sure she get’s a place!

Miss Wai Ting’s original plan was this:

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【London】London Open House Event 2016 🇬🇧

A couple of days ago Miss Wai Ting happened to see this Open House Event in London, and was actually wondering what this is. Turns out this event is an annual festival of architecture and design, and buildings around London are opened up to the public for free. Miss Wai Ting actually wanted to go and see Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral, but unfortunately it was already fully booked.. T.T

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