【August Update】It’s been a year already…

I can’t believe my blog has already been up for a year now (technically my blog’s anniversary was August 12th) but it’s still August right now so it’s ok… right (?)

Looking back a year ago, I just finished uni and have been pretty much enjoying my summer. I can still remember how each day I would always ask myself what will I do, now that I’ve finished uni, and who would have guessed that a year later I have found myself a job in Hong Kong!

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【May Update】A New Beginning?

Back in April, I thought I will be starting a new job with a company that I like. However, I was unsuccessful… Which made me decided to think about moving back to Hong Kong.

Now if I’m honest, back in December when I was applying for various graduate programmes, I kind of already wanted to try going back to HK. But due to various reasons, I thought I might as well have a try looking for a job in UK first, after all living and working in HK can be very stressful.

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