【Product Review】Kracie Popin’ Cookin! DIY Hamburger set

Ever since Miss Wai Ting saw someone on Youtube doing a review on this, she always wanted to try it herself. There are a wide range of these  Popin’ Cookin! DIY kits by Kracie, such as sushi, doughnuts, parfait, dumplings and many more! (See below for the whole range) Kracie popin

Miss Wai Ting happened to found these when she went back to Hong Kong last summer, the cheapest she found was $26 which is roughly £2.60 (while some sell them for a higher price. She decided to buy the two most popular kit: hamburger and sushi kit. You can also find these in Supermarkets in Japan, the one that Miss Wai Ting went sell them for ¥238 (back then it was around £1.50)

For those who may not know, these DIY kits only require you to add water to the powders to make these edible sweets, although there are some that requires you to heat it in the microwave.

Right, let’s get started shall we?

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