【March Update】I’m still here…

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I have last posted something on this blog. I have been quiet for quite some time and I apologize for that🙇🙇I haven’t really been able to muster enough strength to write and update my blog, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about this. Whenever I travel about I still take a lot of pictures that are intended for my future posts, but I guess the reason why I find it take so much effort is because I want to write high quality posts for you guys. Even though I realize that I do have quite a few trips that are long overdue….

So you may be wondering what I have been up to during these months. Well apart from working, I did went for a few short trips to Macau (will hopefully be able to write a few post sometime in the near future >.<) and I did went back to the UK for a week during Christmas…

I will also be going to Taiwan, Hualien in May with my boyfriend and maybe going back to UK sometime at the end of this year 😀 😀 I’m also already thinking about going to Jeju island sometime around the beginning of next year 🤭🤭🤭

Wait for me, I will be back.

💕Miss Wai Ting


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