【Only In Korea!】Binggrae My Straw 🇰🇷

You may not recognize the name “Binggrae” straight away, but what if I mention banana milk? I’m sure a lot of you may know what I’m talking about.

Screenshot (500)

They’re not introducing a new flavour, that’s just too predictable right?

Nope, instead they’re releasing some new “side” products…


Share a drink with your partner ❤️

Screenshot (492)


For those “man-ly” guys💪

Screenshot (501)Screenshot (504)



For those who like to do a “one-shot”

Screenshot (510)

Perfect for those lazy one 😉

Screenshot (517)

SOS straw, perfect for those that want to eat spicy foods, but can’t stand the hotness 🔥

Screenshot (524)


Currently only the first 4 are available at G-market. But you must hurry before it gets all sold out!

💕Miss Wai Ting


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