【My Trip】Iceland 2016 🇮🇸

Definitely worth going again.


When I know that I will be visiting Iceland, I already started preparing for my trip. In my mind, I always thought that Iceland will be really cold and windy, what I didn’t expect was that it would be constantly raining… But luckily my gear was all waterproof so it wasn’t that bad..

The reason why I say it’s definitely worth going again, is simply because 6 days is really not enough to experience Iceland. Even though I spent 5 nights there, there was only one night where I was able to see the northern lights. The other nights were always cloudy and raining, which made it hard to see it.

Another reason is that after coming back from Iceland, I actually lost weight! I spent 3 months exercising and haven’t really lost much weight, and going to Iceland for 6 days made me lost 1kg! You might think that I must have been doing some intense activities during these six days, but actually I never really felt it was intense. Sure I was tired at the end of each day, but that’s because I always go to bed really late and have to get up early, plus I couldn’t really go to sleep while we were on the road, but my tiredness never really came from the outdoor activities. It was simply because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Plus my err roommate snores really loudly so I had trouble sleeping for the first few nights hahaha I eventually had to put my headphones on throughout the night in order to get some sleep

I also realized that I don’t really feel hungry when I was there. I remember that day where I went for the crystal cave tour, where I had breakfast around 8am and didn’t eat until 5-6pm. Between that time I went hiking and went around Jökulsárlón and not once did I felt hungry. That was also the one and only time where I felt a little bit desperate for the toilet. It’s always when you realized that you won’t be able to go to the toilet where you will start thinking that you’re going to need one. And the more conscious you are, the more desperate you’ll get. The rough and bumpy ride didn’t help at all 😂😂😂

For more info about my glacier hike and crystal cave tour click here

Iceland really is a spectacular country and I would definitely recommend people to go and visit. Six days was really not enough, there are some places where you can only do so much before you will get bored, but Iceland are one of those countries where no matter how many times you go and visit again, you will always experience something different. I think I won’t mind living in Iceland for a year, because there is still so much to discover, even if I don’t really like to eat lamb! I say this because sheep and lamb are the most common meat you will find. Even their most famous hot dog has lamb in it 😓😓


I was hoping to have published this post a little sooner, but nevertheless, at least it’s finally complete… I think… 😂😂😂

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