【May Update】A New Beginning?

Back in April, I thought I will be starting a new job with a company that I like. However, I was unsuccessful… Which made me decided to think about moving back to Hong Kong.

Now if I’m honest, back in December when I was applying for various graduate programmes, I kind of already wanted to try going back to HK. But due to various reasons, I thought I might as well have a try looking for a job in UK first, after all living and working in HK can be very stressful.

Even though, I already had the idea of trying to work in HK, I never really had the courage to actually do it. I have always been impressed with people moving to another country to start all over again, as stepping out of my comfort zone is not an easy thing to do…

Yet here I am, preparing myself for moving to HK… my room is currently in a mess from all this packing (I have so many things I wish I could take with me to HK T.T)

Like with everything I do, I always like to have some kind of ‘back-up plan’, IF, and I repeat IF I still couldn’t find a job, then I would come back to study for a Masters degree lol, but this is only if I really can’t find a job. If I do, and I like it, then I will work in HK for maybe 2 or 3 years (?) before trying to look for a job in UK again.

Like I mentioned, the decision to actually move to HK, is totally stepping out of my comfort zone. Yes, I have stayed in HK before, I even had a summer part time job there, but the idea of permanently staying there kind of makes me anxious. Just in terms of living, it’s totally different compared to the UK, not to mention the heat and humidity there! But I have confidence that I will adjust to this new surrounding very quickly. 😀

Not to mention, I will constantly have lots of new topics to write about! 🤗

Anyway, that’s it for now. I need to get back to packing 😫 I’m not sure whether I will have time to publish a post for next week, but I will try my best. 🙂🙂

💕Miss Wai Ting


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