【Hotel Review】Holiday Inn Express Hull City Centre

I decided to write a review about the hotel that I stayed at when I was in Hull. The reason for this is because for the first time ever, I have spent so much time in the hotel room, in which I started to get bored and thought about writing a review.

Very often whenever I go on holidays, I would spend most of my time outside exploring the place, and very rarely would I have the luxury to be just chilling in my room… and the fact that there wasn’t any internet in the hotel, made me have a lot of free time to think about the good and bad things about this hotel.

Let’s GO!

First thing first, the hotel is really close to the train station 👍 literally just 5 minutes walk across the road and you’re there. For those who may be driving, you will need to park at the St Stephen’s Shopping Centre (which is just next to the hotel) and you will need to give your ticket to the receptionist.


When you enter the building, you will need to take the elevator to 1st floor for the reception and dining area.

Unfortunately when I checked in with them, their internet was down and because it was on Sunday, they said that it will be fixed on Monday…. That’s ok I can live without the internet for a night…


This is what you will see when you enter the room, in general I would prefer the lighting to be a little bit more brighter, but it looks good anyway. The bathroom is just on the left of this picture, and I quite like their bathroom layout (see below for images)


The bathroom is very spacious and very modern looking. Now the only thing that kind of made me a little bit disappointed is the fact that on their website, they mentioned that they do provide basic amenities. However! Turns out you have to go to the reception to get it…😓😓😓

Opposite the bathroom you will find the basic kettle, hairdryer and mirror.


The room in general is very spacious, the sofa can be opened up to become another bed, however it might then be a little bit crowded if you have 3 people in this room.


This was my view from the window, because my room was on 4th floor you could only see rooftops lol and because I was facing the main road, it can be quite noisy during the night, I could constantly hear the ambulance going past and my window was closed!

I mentioned at the beginning that the internet was down when I checked in with them. Well because I was staying there for 3 nights, I was hoping that the internet will be fixed on Monday… well by the time I left on Wednesday the internet was still not fixed!! The staff said that if you wanted to use the internet you can use their private WiFi, but that’s only available on 1st floor…  😓 Not happy…

In terms of breakfast, there is a wide range of food available: scrambled eggs, sausages and baked beans. They you have a selection of bread and croissants. There is some yoghurt and cereal. As for drinks you get the coffee, tea, juice, and milk.

I would say overall I am satisfied with the rooms and their service, however if the internet was fixed it would have been much better.

Oh and on another side note, I noticed that all their towels, pillow case and bed sheets all have this weird smell. It’s hard to describe what it smells like, but it’s definitely not a very pleasant smell. I have heard people say they always bring their own towels when staying at a hotel, but I never really pay much attention to it… I think I kind of understand why other people do this now….

💕Miss Wai Ting


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