【Hong Kong】6 Reasons Why I Love Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Even though Hong Kong can get very hot and humid, but it doesn’t stop me from loving Hong Kong.

For this post, I want to show you the 6 general reasons why I love Hong Kong.

1. The view of the city’s skyscrapers

Do I even need to explain? I would definitely recommend you to visit The Peak or take the Star Ferry at night in order to get a brilliant view of the city’s skyscrapers.


2. It’s a Shopping Paradise

Hong Kong is well known for this. Whether it’s computer & electronics, fashion & beauty to snacks or traditional wears and antiques, you name it they have it. There are several malls where you can buy all your computer and electronic stuff to streets that only sells toys. There is a shopping paradise for everyone. Another thing that I really like about shopping in HK is that I can buy my Korean and Japanese beauty products! It will be a bit more expensive but it’s still a lot cheaper than buying it online.

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3. Food!

Food! Glorious Food!

Hong Kong is a multi-cultural city. You can find all different kind of cuisines from Europe to Asia. You definitely won’t get hungry, trust me. Another thing that you must try is the local street food! It’s perfect for when you get hungry while you are shopping or sightseeing.

4. Convenient Public Transport

Public transports in Hong Kong couldn’t get any better. I really do think that the public transport in HK is something to be proud of.

First off, lets start with the MTR. All MTR stations are modern looking, they have air-con inside, so you don’t have to worry about travelling in a hot and stuffy carriage. And one thing I think the London Underground should improve on, is to try and make the journey more smooth. Whenever I go on the Underground I feel like as if I’m going a rollercoaster… even the train is more steady. Another thing about the MTR is that the platforms are very straightforward so if you need to transfer it’s pretty easy… unlike in Seoul. I didn’t realise that taking the metro in Seoul can be so complicated, it’s just endless walking…

【Hong Kong】Top 6 (free) Apps to use when travelling in Hong Kong 🇭🇰

A more cheaper option and one where you can enjoy the view is to take the bus. For this one, I would definitely recommend you to download the app (see above link) because you can find out which bus to take and where to take it, also you don’t have to worry about not knowing when to get off, because there’s a screen on the bus that tells you the name of each stop.

Two other transport I would like to recommend is the tram and also the Star Ferry. Don’t think that the tram looks so old and have no air-con, but having all the windows open and the tram speeding down the road, you will definitely get a nice breeze.


With Star Ferry, I would definitely recommend taking it during the night, because you can then enjoy the city night lights across Victoria Harbour.


 If you want air-con, then don’t forget to go on the upper deck, because that’s the only place with air-con!


Depending on which direction the ferry is going, you can simply change the direction of your seat by adjusting the bench.


P1040419 Final

5. Convenient stores

In HK, you can find two different convenient stores: 7-eleven and Circle K. A great thing about these stores is that there will always be at least one near you. If you get hungry and you have nothing at home, you just have to walkout into the street and there will be one within 5 minutes walking distance. You want to take the public transport, but you don’t have enough money in your octopus card what do you do? Just pop in to one of these stores and top-up and you’re good to go.

You’re walking in the street during the summer and you feel like you’re going to get a heat stroke what do you do? Just walk in to one of these stores and enjoy the air-con.

6. Octopus card

Where should I begin? This card… can be used to pay for pretty much everything. You may be aware that you use this card to pay for transport fares, but did you know that you can also use this card to pay for your shopping at supermarkets and convenience stores too? Instead of paying with cash or your cards you can simply use your octopus card as a payment method (as long as you have enough money on the card). You can forget to bring your wallet or purse but you definitely can’t forget to bring this with you when you go out.

If only the oyster card can do the same thing….

💕Miss Wai Ting


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