【Iceland】Crystal Cave Tour or Glacier Hike? (Part 2) 🏔️

Carrying on from my last post, I will be sharing my Glacier Hike experience and giving my final verdict as to which one I prefer.

For those who may have missed my Part 1, you can find it here

Without further ado, let us start…


You will get to walk on top of the glacier

As mentioned in the previous post, when you arrive at the meeting point, you will be checked by the two guides as you need to have the right footwear for this. They will also be giving you the ice crampon and ice pickaxe. Once everyone has been checked, they will then give out the helmets and safety belt and will go over step-by-step as to how you should adjust it and wear it correctly. Once that is done, you will then get on their bus and will leave for the hike.


Now the hiking experience was brilliant, however the overall experience wasn’t too great and it’s due to the other people in my tour and I hope that this won’t put you off with the final decisions, because who you get in the tour all comes down to luck. I happened to share a tour with a bunch of Koreans. Maybe it’s the cultural differences or simply those certain people, but they were pretty inconsiderate. During the hike there was a spot where we could take pictures between a large gap in the ice… obviously at times like these, you would take turns taking the picture and NOT HOG OVER THE PLACE! Seriously they keep on taking millions of pictures but never letting anyone else have a chance to take one.



It really does make you feel a bit frustrated, but I didn’t want to confront them because it would then ruin the whole mood. It was only when the tour guide said we have to leave, did we manage to quickly take a snapshot… 😠😠

Oh well, I guess nothing is perfect and there will always be some regrets, but it’s often because of these regrets that makes it more memorable.


During the hike, you will also see one or two other groups hiking on the glacier. Your hiking route will all depends on your tour guide. We saw a group went really far away and maybe it was a high difficulty tour because from where I was standing, it looks like it was quite difficult to get to.

Throughout the hike, you may stop at several places and the tour guide will be explaining how a glacier is formed, why there is a lot of black “dusts”, and also how several films that claim they are in the Himalayas were actually filmed here (e.g. batman and also Jackie Chan’s most recent film).

I really do think that a glacier hike really is a must-do activity when you visit Iceland, partly because comparing the two tours, I feel like the glacier hike was more special and memorable than the crystal cave. Maybe if I have chosen a higher difficulty crystal cave tour then it would be just as memorable as the glacier hike, but if comparing at similar difficulty levels then definitely glacier hike. It’s also much cheaper, however strangely enough, for the crystal cave tour you are required to sign a ‘Medical and Participation Disclaimer’, but not for the glacier hike?

Surely, a glacier hike can be just as dangerous as going in a cave….

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For more information you can find the link to their websites below:

Extreme Iceland ; Artic Adventures

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