【Iceland】Crystal Cave Tour or Glacier Hike? (Part 1) 🏔️

When I was setting my itinerary for my Iceland trip, I had a dilemma of whether I should book a Crystal Cave Tour or a Glacier Hike. In the end, I did both hahaha

I thought I’ll write this post in order to help other people who may also be thinking about the same question, and hopefully this will help you make a decision.

OK, so I was hoping to write my crystal cave tour and glacier hike experience all in this post, but this post turns out to be much longer than expected, and so I will be writing the glacier hike experience in Part 2. 


Crystal Cave Tour

Crystal Cave Glacier Hike
Company  Artic Adventures  Extreme Iceland
Price per person (ISK)  19,990  9,900
Available  All year All year
Total Duration  2-3hrs  2-3hrs (1-1.5hr on ice)
Minimum age  10 10
Difficulty Easy  2/5
Location  Vatnajökull glacier Skaftafell (Svínafellsjökull glacier)
Departure time  0915; 1030; 1145; 1300; 1430; 1545 1000; 1300

Glacier Hike

Both of these tours will provide basic equipment (i.e helmet and crampons), however there are actually some differences between the two.

For the crystal cave, you will be given a really basic crampon (the rubber type) where you simply have to stretch over the bottom of your shoe and you’re ready to go. Because for the crystal cave tour, you won’t really need to walk over ice which is why they only give you a really basic one. However, saying that, there is a small part of the path where there was a thin layer of ice…

The one for the glacier hike is obviously the proper ice crampons. You have to be careful with the way you walk in case you might cut yourself. For this one, they will teach you how to properly attach the crampons onto your boots. The reason why I said boots and not shoes, is because before leaving the meeting point, they will check your footwear is appropriate and then you will be given your equipment (helmet, ice crampons, ice axe and also a safety belt). If your footwear is not appropriate then you will need to rent one of their hiking boots (which I think it costs 1500 ISK).

I suggest that when going to any of these tours you wear a pair of hiking boots like the ones below:

Glacier Hiking in Skaftafell

Image from Extreme Iceland

I always thought that a glacier hike will be more expensive than a crystal cave tour, however that’s not the case. I saw some vlogs on Youtube, where they had to proper crawl in order to get inside the cave, and so I thought ah it must be because it’s really difficult to get in there and so that’s why it’s so expensive…

Turns out the reason why it’s so expensive is because you get to go on a Super Jeep.

Yup, that’s right.

The cave itself was pretty disappointing if I’m honest. It was “smaller” than what I expected. I guess this is why the difficulty level was easy… you just walk in there and that’s it.


For those who are into photography, or those that don’t want to walk too much, then this is the one for you. You even get to experience going on a Super Jeep, which was pretty fun. But those who may get travel sickness then this may not be the right thing for you. Because you literally feel like you’re going on a roller-coaster… but only a very bumpy one…

Also you don’t really get to spend that much time in the cave, the travelling takes up quite a lot of time as you have to travel quite far in order to get to the cave. 

To be continue…

【Iceland】Crystal Cave Tour or Glacier Hike? (Part 2) 🏔️

💕Miss Wai Ting


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