【Food for Thought】Why it’s important to think positively

I decided to write this post after I have received an invitation for a selection event for one of my job applications. Click here for a recap

So you may remember I totally wasn’t expecting to get so far with this job interview. And to my utter surprise (and horror) apart from the selection event, there is also a dinner in the evening with one of the directors?!

This is just too much for me… I said I will attend but I am totally dreading it.

I don’t really mind going to an interview or even a selection event but REALLY? A DINNER INTERVIEW?! Obviously they don’t say it’s a dinner interview but let’s be honest, you still can’t let your guard down when you are still seeing a potential future employer

In order to make myself feel a bit better about this whole situation, the only way to do this is to think positive!

If I’m honest I don’t really like this job, I prefer the one that I will have a telephone interview the next day. Which is why I care more about the telephone interview than this selection event thing. But because this selection event is located in Hull, I will also need to stay another night in Hull in order to take my telephone interview. You may be thinking why? Well this is because it takes 4 hours for me to get to Hull from where I’m currently living and so there’s no way I will be able to find a quiet place for me to take the call while I’m travelling.

So how can I find anything positive in this situation?

Well here are the few positive things that I can think of to make this whole situation a lot better:

  1. Even though I have to travel for 4 hours and train ticket is expensive, BUT I get to visit Hull for the first time! This gives me a great opportunity to visit the UK City of Culture 2017 
  2. Even though I probably won’t get a lot of free time BUT I could probably still get to go and visit several sightseeing spots around the City Centre. I have worked out that I probably have 1 day worth of time for me to explore the city, which I guess I can still write a post on “1 day trip in Hull”
  3. Even though I have to book another night stay in Hull at another hotel, BUT I get to stay in a relatively pricey hotel for 2 nights… FOR FREE
  4. Even though there is a ‘dinner interview’ BUT  I suppose I do get a free evening meal…
  5. Even though I don’t really like this job BUT I suppose this is great experience for future interviews. 

So basically, I should think this selection event is simply an exchange for me to explore city of Hull.

Thinking like this makes me dread less of this coming event, and I can definitely be a little less stressed about it. I can’t say it completely makes me stress-free but you do feel a little bit better.

I always use this method whenever I come across a situation that stresses me out (bear in mind I get stressed out really easily. The worst I have experienced is unable to go to sleep and getting a few pimples because I was stressing over something.) 

Even driving stresses me out. I remember during each of my driving lessons, my hands keep sweating, which obviously is a bit embarrassing  especially when my driving instructor has to drive afterwards… I try to subtly wipe of my sweat but… I don’t even want to go on….

So yeah, it’s always a good thing to think positively. I always try to think positive things because a lot of the time, the way you perceive the situation changes completely, and you will get a better mindset to it.

I always remember the half a cup of water story. Will you see it as being half full OR half empty? Try and be more optimistic and you will find yourself feeling much better.

That’s it for today’s Food for Thought.

💕Miss Wai Ting


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