【January Review】Job Interviews 🎢

It took me some time to think of the best title for this post. I couldn’t really think of a good title for today’s post apart from ‘Job Interviews’.

I thought January was going to be a peaceful month, where I will be posting in my blog as usual and waiting for news from the jobs that I have applied… To me, this is peaceful month.

But here’s what really happened in the first month of 2017. (Prepare yourself for a long post)

I remember receiving a text message from a number that I don’t recognize during one morning and I saw the first half of the message saying :”Congrats your have been invited to complete an online video…”.

My first reaction was: “Is this another one of those spam text again?” But I thought I’ll read the rest of the message just to see what kind of rubbish they are saying anyway…

“…complete an online video to support your application for the XXXX Grad Scheme check your email for info” 

After reading the words application and XXXX Grad scheme, my brain started to search through all the previous job application I have submitted, but I don’t remember applying for XXXX company. I started to get a bit curious as well as suspicious of this unknown text I have received.

“Fine, I’ll go and check my email” was what I said to myself. I opened my email and there really was an email from someone I don’t recognize.


I saw the subject title “You have been invited to take part in our interview” and I thought “OK maybe this isn’t fake after all”

The first sentence in the email was “Congratulations! You have been invited to video interview for the position of Graduate Technical Scheme, XXXX. Please note your deadline for completing the video interview is Friday 20th January 2017…” 

I still didn’t recognize the name of the company…

Obviously the next thing I did after reading the email was go to Google and search that company. hahaha

I clicked into their website and finally understood what is happening. Turns out I did apply for this grad scheme however when I made the application it was under a different company name and this XXXX company is the food manufacturer for the company I applied for.

I think for other people they will probably feel very excited, me on the hand, apart from laughing I really don’t know how to react. This is because I wasn’t planning to apply for this job in the first place. I started the job application process, however when I read closely in the job description I saw that there will only be 2 successful applicants, I knew the chances for me getting it will be very slim. If they didn’t mention they will only take 2 applicants for this role then I will probably apply for it straight away. However knowing that I probably won’t have the luck to even get an interview for it, I thought I might as well just give up.

So anyway after getting the invitation for the pre-recorded video interview, I obviously went to do it. It was my first time doing a video interview so I did some research and prepared myself for the interview.

I personally think it went terrible. hahahaha You have 15 seconds for you to read the question and think about your answers and then you have to answer it within 1 minute. There was some questions which was totally unexpected and I think I did a pretty bad job answering it. Which was why I was so sure I definitely won’t make it for the next stage.

Guess what.

As I am typing this now (today is February 8th) I have just received an offer for the next stage of the interview – the selection event.


Are you really trying to say to me that there is a very high chance that I will get this job? Because if I’m honest. I don’t really like this job. I prefer another job which I have also just got an offer for a telephone interview. I definitely prefer having my job located somewhere in the south of England, preferably in London, however both of these jobs are located up in the north. One is in Hull, and the other is near Blackpool. The one in Hull requires me to drive (because it’s hard to get there via public transport), while the one in Blackpool doesn’t require me to drive. I prefer the latter because I DON’T LIKE TO DRIVE. I know how to drive, but I don’t enjoy driving. Which is why I would prefer working in London and why I’m constantly hoping I can work in Hong Kong, because you don’t even need to drive.

Another funny thing is that this selection event happens to be on the same day as my telephone interview

I think I will buy a lottery…

Anyway that’s it for now, I guess I will just have to wait and see what’s going to happen next…

💕Miss Wai Ting


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