【Iceland】Preparations for my 2016 Iceland trip 🛍

Miss Wai Ting has traveled quite a lot and the preparations she ever did was actually packing her stuff for the trip….

But for this Iceland trip… there is a lot more preparation than simply “what should I pack?”  It’s more like “what will I need to buy for this trip?”

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So when Miss Wai Ting first heard about the idea of going to Iceland, she was very excited. The first thing that came to her mind was definitely the aurora borealis aka the northern lights. And after all that excitement, reality starts to kicks in….

  1. It’s going to be very cold over there.  So I’ll need to buy clothes
  2. Going to need to buy some camera accessories (well ok some of the stuff that I brought wasn’t really a necessary… 🙄 but still…) 
  3. And I’m going to have to practice my night photography skills too
  4. Oh and don’t forget about doing a bit of research as I know nothing, I repeat nothing about Iceland apart from the fact that it is going to be cold. hahaha 


Because this trip was planned near the end of 2015, and so I actually brought my coat from Trespass after New Year. This meant that there was still some sale going on and so I got the coat in a relatively cheaper price. I chose this one because it’s waterproof, windproof (the two most important factor to consider!) and breathable.

I brought this “Thunderstorm Women Waterproof Parka Jacket”

You can >>click here<< for their website.

This is actually the most expensive clothing I have bought for this Iceland trip, all the rest of my clothing I bought it at Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s clothing, Primark etc.

Underneath my coat, I will then wear a vest like something similar to the image below. You can wear a down or a fleece version.

I have also bought some thermal socks from Go Outdoor during one of their sales. >>Click here<< for their website.

Thick leggings with a waterproof trousers outside.

As for footwear, I actually had one pair of hiking boots and another pair of snow boots. The hiking boots are mainly for the glacier hike and crystal cave tour.

Another thing I brought with me to Iceland was a mask like the one in the image below. Because I don’t like to wear those snoods and so this was a better alternative for me if it gets really windy, it’s also easier to carry around and to take off hen going back into the car or indoors.

Image result for mask for nose and mouth

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Camera accessories

When I was doing research about Iceland, I saw that a lot of people tend to bring spare camera batteries because extreme temperatures can shorten the life of your batteries. Which is why I bought an extra one on eBay (I now have a total of 3 batteries).

Another thing I bought was a shutter remote, because it would be useful for me to use when taking night photography. This was also bought from eBay for £3.99.

I already have a regular size tripod, but because I don’t really want to carry around with me so I decided to buy one of those small gorilla tripod that can be used for your mobile phone as well as your camera. (In the end I never really used it because I keep forgetting to take it with me 😂😂) For those who might not have a large tripod you can consider getting this instead.

Flexible Tripod Gorilla Stand Monopod Mount Holder Octopus Camera Phone 

image taken from eBay

 Another thing I bought from eBay was a card reader that can be used on my mobile. This is handy as you don’t need to take your laptop with you, but can still check your photos. Perfect for those who like to share their holiday pics with their friends or family on sns.

This is the one that I bought from eBay for £4.99

As I already know that we will be visiting several waterfalls on my second day, one thing that I definitely want to protect is my camera. My brother actually decided to buy a waterproof rain cover for his camera, I on the other hand, believe that you can make your own and so I decided not to buy one. With a bit of DIY and creativity I actually made my own. 😂😂😂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For this, I simply used the plastic packaging from those cotton pads like the one below. Clever huh  And the good thing is, it worked!! Obviously when it was pouring with rain I hide it inside my coat, but this is definitely the cheaper alternative. 😉😉

Image result for cotton pads

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Other things

Another thing that I bought with me to Iceland are heat pads like the ones in the image below. Not only you can keep yourself warm, but it’s also handy to keep your phone or camera warm, especially for those iPhone users! I heard that iPhone tend to shut down when it gets exposed to extreme temperatures, so it’s definitely to keep one in your pocket.

Image result for warm packs

For some reasons I feel like I have bought a lot for this Iceland trip, but reading what I have just wrote, it doesn’t really seem like it 😂😂 hahaha

Maybe there are some things which I have forgot about, if there is I will make sure to update this post 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading this post, I hope you will find this useful 😊😊

💕Miss Wai Ting


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