【Blog Update】A new beginning?

I have decided to create another blog.

There will be two different blogs… but there is a twist to it.

I will be carrying on with this blog (in fact this will always be my main one), however this blog will only be focusing about travel related things. My secondary blog will be about health and beauty/skincare.

Back in August, I decided to start this blog because I want to share my travel experiences as well as other lifestyle and health related posts. However, you may have realised that majority of my blog is all about travel and I also understand that my followers here are also interested in it. Which is why I feel that I should have a separate blog recording all my other beauty/lifestyle posts.

Now the twist to this, is the fact that my new blog will not be using WordPress, but a different platform. Now you might be wondering why I’m doing this, but do hear me out.

This isn’t really the first time I started blogging. A few years before this blog was created, I actually had a blog in platform. But back then, I didn’t really have a clear objective for my blog, and in the end I kind of just gave up… twice in fact.

Maybe I want to prove to myself that I can stick to having a blog there without giving up, hence why I decided to have another go. Also I know that this time, I have a clear objective and theme for my blog. Another reason for doing this, is that I want to use this opportunity to compare the difference of using WordPress and the other platform.

As mentioned before, this will always be my main blog, and so I will carry on posting for at least once a week. For my other blog I will probably be less frequent.

💕Miss Wai Ting


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