【Must Buy!】 South Korea’s own footwear brand- SBENU 스베누 👟

If Korean skincare/makeup doesn’t interest you, how about a pair of sneakers? SBENU is a popular South Korean footwear brand that even Manchester United has a partnership with them!


Yup that’s right, SBENU is the club’s official casual footwear partner in South Korea.

I only just found this out when I was searching about this brand!screenshot-413

Miss Wai Ting love wearing trainers (or should I say sneakers?), why? Because it’s comfy that’s why. For the last few years, Miss Wai Ting only wears Nike (because I’m a big fan of them!), however after coming across this brand, Miss Wai Ting made sure she was going to buy herself a pair of these when she went to Seoul!

You may have already heard about how Korean couples like to wear matching outfits, and SBENU is a really popular shoe brand among young koreans.


Watch below their CF with popular girl group AOA:

Apart from AOA, there’s also IU and Song Jae Rim too:






🙈One reason why Miss Wai Ting like their shoes, is because it’s perfect for short girls!🙈

They have several different collections (e.g. B-line, E-line and N-line). The B-line is ‘Beautiful Leg Shoes’, the heel is increased by 5cm, making your legs appear more slimmer.


For those who find 5cm not enough, then you might want to have a look at their E-line (Excellence leg shoes): the heel is 7cm!




SBENU store in Myeong-dong (see end of post for the address)


 I originally wanted to get a pair of black and white but the store in Myeong-dong didn’t have my size  (I’m size UK5), it only had the largest size left. I was so heartbroken   But my friend told me that when he went to the store in Dongdaemun there was plenty of stock left, and so him and his girlfriend each bought a pair  *so jealous!!*

The one that I bought was the B-Line Atoh mint for ₩119,000 which was around £70/ $770HKD. 


Here’s more from AOA and IU:

🏠Address: 서울시 중구 명동2가 26-3 (26-3 Myeong-dong-2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul)
☎️Telephone: 02-3789-7717

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That’s it guys, and sorry for this long post, I tried to keep it as short as possible 🙈😉

💕Miss Wai Ting

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