【Iceland】8 Things you need to know about Blue Lagoon♨️🇮🇸

There are two major geothermal centres in Iceland and Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular location when visiting Iceland (the second one is Lake Mývatn).

And the good thing is, it’s located between Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavik.

👉Which is why tourists tend to go there on their day of arrival or departure.


Before I start, take note that Blue Lagoon is going through a phase of expansion. Construction is ongoing until 2017, when a new resort complex will open. They will close from April 23 to 27, 2017. So if you are still planning your trip, then make sure you avoid those dates!  Click here for more information


🎟 You need to book in advance!

Because it’s such a popular location, it’s best to book in advance!


You will need to pick whether you are going there during winter or summer*

There are 4 different tickets to choose from:


*take note that the winter tickets are cheaper by €10 ( standard, comfort and premium tickets) compared to the summer tickets. Luxury tickets are the same price all year round.

For more information, you can >>click here<<

When booking your tickets you will get to choose the time period of entry. I would suggest you to book the earliest (which is 9-10am), because there are less people in general! When I went in around 9:30 there was barely anyone in the changing rooms, but around 10am there was already a whole bunch of people and the changing room was already full! (Don’t worry they have several changing rooms)

Kids between the age 2-13 are able to go in free of charge! 

🚌 There are scheduled transfers

There are hourly bus transfers to and from Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík, and Keflavík International Airport.

You can book your transfer at Blue Lagoon’s website 👉Blue Lagoon Tickets and Transfers

All transfers booked from Blue Lagoon’s website are operated by Reykjavík Excursions.
For Reykjavík Excursions’ timetable, you can  >>click here<<

Other tour operators provide scheduled transfers to/from Blue Lagoon, such as Gray Line Iceland and Bustravel Iceland.

🛅 Luggage storage


As mentioned before, people tend to go to Blue Lagoon either on day of arrival or departure, and so it’s common for people to have their luggage around with them. Which is why they provide a secure luggage storage next to the main car park. However, they will charge you €4 per bag. 

According to the Lonely Planet, luggage storage is free if you booked with Reykjavík Excursions.

♨️ It’s not a natural phenomenon 

Blue Lagoon was formed back in 1976 during an operation at the nearby geothermal power plant. BUT it is perfectly safe so don’t worry about any toxic chemicals etc.

The geothermal water contains 3 active ingredients: Silica, Algae and Minerals. 

The blue colour comes from the silica and the way it reflects sunlight.

However, the water is actually white. If you pour it into a transparent cup, it will always have a milky white colour. The sun simply makes it look blue!

Also, you will find that there are gravel at the bottom of the lagoon- something that I totally wasn’t expecting as it felt really uncomfortable and I kept getting some stones between my toes 😖 Oh and another thing, there are some parts where it becomes much deeper, so for someone like me that has a height of 160cm the water reaches past your chin! So I just grabbed onto my brother’s shoulder and literally just float in the water while I let him lead the way (he’s 180cm so it’s fine for him😒) 😂😂😂

🚿 You need to have a naked shower first

Yup that’s right.. naked. 

It’s common to take a shower before entering a pool, however in Blue Lagoon you need to take a naked shower before putting on your swimming suit.

For those who are may feel shy (🙋) don’t worry they have a lot of private stalls and a few open ones.

The water can mess up your hair

 Even though the water is great for your skin, it’s not really the case for your hair. So make sure you use hair conditioner before and after entering the pool, because the water will make your hair go hard. You can use the conditioner provided by them, or simply wear a cap.

🤔Maybe Asian people tend to have harder and thicker hair or because I put tons of conditioner into my hair, because even though my hair was wet from the water my hair is perfectly fine. 🤔

There are 2 ways for you to enter the pool!

For those who are going there in the winter and are really afraid of the cold, then don’t worry! Because you don’t have to walk out into the open before entering the pool.


There are 2 ways for you to go out

To be honest, walking out isn’t really that bad because it’s not actually that cold. However, if you are really afraid of the cold, then there is the other way for you to go out (left of image above). There is a door on the side for you to wade in and out into the open. There are areas (indoor and outdoor) for you to leave your towels and  flip flops- although there are less space indoors!

💵There’s no need to bring money with you into the pool

When you enter Blue Lagoon you will be given a wristband. You will need this to enter the premise, use the locker and also pay for drinks (you actually pay right before you leave). So you don’t need to worry about carrying money around with you.

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