【M-pop】JJ Lin 林俊傑 🎵

I really like JJ, he’s one of my favourite male singers, and here are a few songs which are my favourite 😍

愛笑的眼睛 -Smiling Eyes

This song’s original singer is actually Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) and composed by JJ.

However, I actually like his version more 🙈

Listen to the song below👇

修煉愛情 -Practice Love

After knowing the story behind this song, you will have a totally different feeling when listening to this song.

The story of this song and in the MV was actually about JJ himself during his teen period. It’s about a girl that likes him has passed away due to an air crash twenty years ago. He found out about her death through a newspaper when he recognized his own photograph among the belongings of the victims. That photograph was given to the girl by JJ a few years ago, but he never expected that she would be carry the picture around with her.

When listening to this song, you can really feel his regrets and sadness that was written into this song.

Here’s the song with English subtitle:

可惜沒如果 -If Only

背對背擁抱 -Back To Back

江南 -River South

These are my all time favourite songs from JJ. What other songs by JJ do you like?

💕Miss Wai Ting

Miss Wai Ting is currently in Iceland, there will be more posts once she is back! Just wait a bit more guys!  

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