【Only in Korea!】Line Friends Hand Warmer 🐻

With the met office predicting this year as a very cold winter, it’s important to make sure you are warm enough. Which is why this is a must-have-item for those who wants to stay warm during this cold winter.

There are 6 different hand warmers available ranging from ₩8,500~ 9,500 (£5.80~ 6.50) which I feel is a pretty reasonable price.

Brown Jjimjilbang Handwarmer ₩9,500 (~£6.50)


Sally Jjimjilbang Handwarmer ₩9,500 (~£6.50)

Miss Wai Ting saw this and thought “That’s exactly how I dressed up my Sally before too!!”.

Cony Headband Handwarmer ₩9,500 (~£6.50)

Brown Chicken Costume Handwarmer ₩8,500 (~£5.80)

Cony Chicken Costume Handwarmer ₩8,500 (~£5.80)

Sally Egg Costume Handwarmer ₩8,500 (~£5.80)


They look so cute! I want to buy them all hahaha XD

Simply place the handwarmer in a microwave for 30sec (600W) and it will lasts for 50 minutes.

Aroma oil is added to relax your mind.

Most importantly, is that it is pocket size so it’s easier for you to carry around.

Source: Line Friends Store

💕Miss Wai Ting

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