【November Update】Birthday and Graduation… 🎓🎂

November is the month of Miss Wai Ting birthday! Woop woop!!

Can’t believe I’m 22 this year… It’s strange how I’m an adult for a few years now, yet I don’t feel like being one and I don’t really want to be one… Maybe when I finally get a job I’ll suddenly accept it.. hahaha 🙈 Ok, I admit I’m currently in the stage of denial. 😂

Anyway…Miss Wai Ting would also like to wish those who have their birthday on this month, a big Happy Birthday!

There’s less than two weeks before my graduation ceremony, and I really hope that it’s not going to rain that day  But I have to say, I’m more excited about going to Iceland than my graduation hahaha

So look forward for my Iceland’s posts, if not then you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram as I will also be sharing my adventure there as well.

Looking back at my first post, I remember saying that I was hoping I will be able to write at least one post each week. And you know what? I’ve actually managed to kept my promise!  Haha even I’m surprised at myself. Although for this week, I haven’t posted anything up yet, but I am currently in the process of finishing up one of my Seoul trip post, and started to write up my Taiwan Day 2 post too.

(I’ll let you know a secret… I’ve also started writing some posts about Iceland, so that once I come back from my trip, I will hopefully be able to post them up a bit sooner.)

 If you haven’t read my Taiwan Day 1 post yet, you can find it below 👇👇

【Taiwan】Day 1 of 6 @ Taipei 2013 ✈️

For those who want to read some of my Seoul trip stuff, you can read👉  【South Korea】Must Eat! My Recommended Restaurants you must go and visit! 🇰🇷 

Anyway, that’s it for today’s post! Have a great day guys!

💕Miss Wai Ting

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