【Korean Skincare】Innisfree “It’s Real Squeeze Masks” Overview 🇰🇷

Today Miss Wai Ting want to write a general overview of the Innisfree “It’s Real Squeeze Masks”, there are 16 different types in total, each with a different function.

Miss Wai Ting remembers when she was going to South Korea for the first time, she saw a lot of people recommending these masks. But she didn’t realize that there was 16 different types 😓 


They sometimes use the word brightening instead of radiance and glow, but you can probably tell it’s pretty much the same meaning.

Also Korean skincare tend to use the term ‘Trouble care’ instead of acne prone skin.

They use a 3 layered sheet mask, so that it will increase the moisture of the mask, and allow your skin to absorb the essence better.

💕Miss Wai Ting’s favourite are Green Tea, Rose and Rice.💕 She wanted to try all of the 16 types, but if she brought all of them, she won’t be able to buy other stuff (as it is pretty heavy, and she only got 20kg of luggage).

😉Hopefully with this chart, it will be easier for you to decide what type of mask you want to use.😉

For more information, you can click here for their range of It’s Real Squeeze Masks.

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