【My Blog】Short Update

I just thought I’ll write a short post on what I’ve been up to so far and my plans for the next two months or so.

Back in September, I spend a day out in London with my parents, we went to see a few buildings such as Bank of England and Guildhall. We were planning to have dinner at a restaurant, however we went to a Marks and Spencer near City Hall, and saw a lot of reduced price sandwiches, so we decided to just eat that for dinner instead. XD hahaha

For my London trip post you can >>click here<<

I would say that’s the only interesting thing that happened during last month hahaha

I have applied to take the Hong Kong civil servant exam, so I’ve literally been spending the majority of my time preparing for the exam. I will be taking the Use of Chinese, Use of English, Aptitude test and a Basic Law Exam in December.

I have also recently applied for a job that works in a lab in Hong Kong, so if I’m lucky enough to get this job, then I will need to move to Hong Kong. Something which I have mixed feelings for, simply because I really hate the weather in Hong Kong because it’s hot AND humid. Also I feel bad leaving my parents in the UK, while me and my brother are in HK. To be honest the only reason why I prefer working in HK is because their transport is really convenient hahaha Because I don’t really like driving, so if I was to work in UK my dad will definitely make me buy a car…

As well as preparing for my exam, I’ve also been doing some research on Iceland, as I will be going there for a week at the end of November, after my graduation 😀 I can’t wait!! \(^o^)/ But it’s probably going to really cold, so thinking about what to wear is already giving me a headache… I promise I’ll post my Iceland itinerary as soon as possible XD

Right, that’s it for today’s post. If anyone has been to Iceland (especially around November/December) or has taken the Hong Kong Civil Servant exam, please let me know is there anything I need to be aware of. Many thanks!  XD

Miss Wai Ting


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