【Film】Why Train To Busan (부산행) is a massive hit in Asia 🎥

For those who may be a fan of Korean entertainment, may have heard about this film. For those who don’t… well… the name kind of says it all. Yes, that’s right, it’s something about a train and going to Busan, a large port city in South Korea. Hearing the name on its own, may make you think that this is going to be a really boring film. However, if you have seen the poster and trailer, you will think otherwise.

Although this is also one of those films that are about fighting for survival in a zombie outbreak, there is something more in this film that makes it different to the previous zombie films…  


What makes this film so successful is that Train To Busan are more realistic, in terms of showing the different types of human nature that appears in people when they are facing a crisis- in this case, a life or death one. On this train, there are people who are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to protect the others and the ones they love, there are also those that are selfish and would sacrifice other people in order to survive. For those who may cry easily, make sure you get plenty of tissues ready, as the ending is definitely going to make you cry.

Another thing about this film, which Miss Wai Ting find it more realistic, is the fact that the weapons are more ‘easier’ to find and as an audience you can relate to it more easily. Simply because when watching the films that are based in America, everyone can easily get a gun (due to their laws), but for those of us that are living in other parts of the world, it’s actually quite difficult to find a gun.

In order to not give any spoilers, Miss Wai Ting is not going to write anymore XD

You can watch the trailer below.

There are also rumors that other companies want to buy this film and remake it. Personally, Miss Wai Ting thinks that a lot of the times, the remake is never as good as the original…

What are your thoughts on this film? Would you want to watch this after seeing the trailer? Comment below to let us know! 😀




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