【Only in Korea!】Starbucks ‘Woodland’ collection 🇰🇷

With summer coming to it’s end, Starbucks decided to welcome autumn with their new ‘Woodland’ collection. Using more plain colours, it really sets the mood for a winter wonderland.


Woodland Case Tumbler (355ml) KRW26,000

Stainless Steel Elma Woodland Tumbler (473ml) KRW33,000

Woodland Eco Cup Set

Woodland Deer Tumbler (355ml) KRW17,000

Woodland Xion Glass (460ml)

Woodland Fox Mug (355ml)

Woodland Bear Mug (355ml)

Woodland Deer Tea Pot

Woodland Fine Cone Mug (89ml)


Stainless Steel Woodland Strap Tumbler (355ml) KRW31,000

Deer Tea Cup and Saucer (237ml)

Wolf Tea Cup and Saucer (237ml)

Full Moon Rabbit Grey Mug (237ml)


Full Moon Rabbit Coralpink Mug (237ml)


Zia Ivory Water Bottle (473ml) KRW17,000

For those who are travelling to South Korea, make sure you don’t miss it!

Miss Wai Ting


Source/images from: FB@starbucks.kr / South Korea Official Starbucks website / UBeauty


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