【Travel】Autumn, the best time to go travelling in Asia 🍂

In general, autumn is Miss Wai Ting favourite time of year. It’s not too hot, but also not too cold, which makes it a perfect weather to go out and also to enjoy the lovely autumn leaves.

For some reason, Miss Wai Ting always seem to go somewhere really hot during the summer. There’s Hong Kong where during the summer, it can get really hot and humid- making you sweat the moment you step out into the street *thank god the air con is good wherever you go*; then there was Japan and Taiwan, luckily it’s just pure heat and scorching sun; and then there’s South Korea… where even though it’s not humid, but…

With the government trying to save energy, a lot of places don’t really use air con. The subway tend to be really hot and stuffy, so make sure to bring a mini fan with you, if you’re planning to go to South Korea during the summer.


It’s common to find these in restaurants and also the subway.

What’s your favourite time of year? Do you prefer to go somewhere hot or somewhere nice and cool? Let us know by commenting below!

P.S Talking about autumn… it’s going to be Mid-autumn festival soon (16th September!), and that means I get to eat my favourite Egg custard mooncakes! hehehehe

Miss Wai Ting

Click here to see the 1st round of Japan’s 2016 Autumn Leaves forecast!


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