【Only in Japan!】McFlurry Banana Tart AND Peach Triangle Pie 🇯🇵

If only UK’s McDonald’s can be like Japan…….

So today, Miss Wai Ting is going to be writing about TWO McDonald’s Season’s Special.

The first one is…..

McFlurry Banana Tart (August to early October)

For any banana fanantics out there, this is the one for you. You will find that on top of their soft ice cream, a rich banana sauce and graham biscuit topping, making it really taste like a banana tart. The price is ¥290 (around £2.15) which I believe is a bit more expensive than the McFlurry in UK (Sorry it’s been awhile since Miss Wai Ting have eaten at McDonalds, so she don’t really know the price XD)


The next one that Miss Wai Ting want to introduce you to, is the Peach Triangle Pie (peach flavour) that’s coming out September 7th til October. While the pre-sale is 31st August, and only available in Wakayama- famous for peaches.  Cheaper than the Banana Tart McFlurry, this Triangle Pie is only ¥120 (only 90p!) Definitely worth trying! 14079498_10154406692335690_3697377722582006088_n14102475_10154406692365690_5112312703772022629_n14199500_10154406692305690_2884945463829744135_n

For more information you can check out their website: McDonald’s Japan

💕Miss Wai Ting


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