【Only in Korea!】 Butter Caramel flavour Pringles 🇰🇷

So recently Miss Wai Ting was just scrolling through her Instagram and saw this Butter Caramel flavour Pringles.


Although Miss Wai Ting always think that crisps should be a savoury snack and not sweet, but she still decided to share this with her readers anyway. Because you never know, it might be surprisingly good. Also even if you don’t to eat it, posting it on your Facebook or Instagram will definitely get you those likes ^.-  hahaha

If you’re feeling adventurous or know someone like that, then you should definitely try it.


Have you tried this butter caramel flavour pringles or other special flavour foods that are only available in certain countries? Then let us know down in the comments below!

Miss Wai Ting


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