【Only in Japan!】Pablo’s Okayama Green Grapes Cheesecake! 🇯🇵

OH! How I wish I will be travelling to Japan in September~~~~

I don’t know about you guys, but Miss Wai Ting really want to eat this XD

For those who may be familiar with Pablo, please be patient while Miss Wai Ting explain to those why they MUST remember this brand and why they MUST try their famous freshly baked cheese tart when they visit Japan (see image below).


Pablo’s cheese tart isn’t just any old cheese tart. It’s MELTED cheese tart~

BUT! Today we’re here to focus on the Okayama Grape Cheesecake, so let’s not get distracted…..

As you can see below, there are two versions: the ‘Normal’ version (通常ver.) and the ‘Deluxe’ version (贅沢ver. ). For the normal version the grapes are only in half, while the deluxe versions uses whole grapes, which mean even without actually counting, the deluxe version will have used more grapes. *drool*


Both 15cm in diameter


Now in terms of price:

the normal version its ¥1,825 without tax  (税抜:1,852円) and ¥2,000 with tax (税込:2,000円).

Deluxe version is ¥2,593 without tax (税抜:2,593円) and ¥2,800 with tax (税込:2,800円)

That’s roughly £14.95 (including tax) for the normal version and £20.90 (incl. tax) for the deluxe version.

Remember this is only available between 01/09-30/09/2016 and only a limited of stores sell this!

Available at : Omotesando / Shinjuku / Akihabara / LaLaport Tachikawa Tatsuhi shop / new Shizuoka Senoba shop / Shizuoka Asti shop / Umeda HEP FIVE shop / Shinsaibashi / JR Osaka Station shop / Dotonbori shop / Namba CITY shop / Shin-Osaka Station shop / Abe Nokyo station shop / Keihan Department Suminodo shop / Himeji shop / Kobe Motomachi shop / Tenmaya Okayama shop / Sun Station Terrace Okayama shop

To find out the location of all their stores, you can click hereMiss Wai Ting suggest you to use Chrome to open this page as it can help you translate it into english. 

Miss Wai Ting just can’t think about this anymore. The more she writes, the more hungry she’s getting!

Miss Wai Ting


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