【My Blog】Growing an avocado tree 🌱

A few months back Miss Wai Ting saw a post on Facebook about how simple it was to grown an avocado tree by placing the pit half submerged in a cup of water. Since then Miss Wai Ting really wanted to try it, however she was never a big fan of eating avocado *because it’s tasteless* even though it is really healthy.

And then a few weeks ago she saw this video on Youtube, where it says that when you eat an avocado with soy sauce, it will taste like smoke salmon. So obviously this made Miss Wai Ting to really want to try it out. hahahaha

Even though she was really curious whether its true, she never really had the urge to buy one and try it out… until…..last week when she went grocery shopping and saw there was a discount on avocados at Lidl. So she thought… why not?!

Yesterday Miss Wai Ting decided to make sushi for dinner and suddenly remembered the avocados and thought this is the perfect timing to try it out.

So… first things first… Does avocado really taste like smoked salmon when you eat it with soy sauce?

The answer is no. It simply taste like avocado dipped in soy sauce… there was not a single hint of smoked salmon… Miss Wai Ting was tricked! 😦

As for the avocado pit… Miss Wai Ting is currently waiting patiently for pit to crack, luckily the sun are still out these few days, which is perfect for growing it.

For those who are also interested in growing their own avocado tree, it’s actually really simple. First you need to get the pit from the fruit (For those who don’t really like to eat an avocado, you can add some sweetened condensed milk and salad cream, which makes it taste much better. It’s also better to eat it cold). 

Then carefully wash away any remaining fruit that is stuck to the pit, be careful not to rub off the brown outer layer and use a paper towel to dry it. 

Next, you will need to determine which end is where the root and sprout will come out. The pointy end is where the sprout come out. While the other end is where you will need to keep it in the water. If you find it difficult to distinguish which end is which, then look for the end with a lighter colour at the tip (see image below)- this is where the root will come out.


Once you have determined the right position, insert some toothpicks at the side, so that you can later place it over a cup; allowing the pit to be half submerged in water.

Make sure to change the water frequently (between 1-3 days), so that you won’t get any mould or nasty things growing.

It normally takes a few weeks (4-8 weeks) before you will see the roots and sprouts coming out. 

Because this is the first time she is trying this, so any advice is very welcomed 🙂

Miss Wai Ting will update you guys on the progress of her avocado pit via her instagram too! 

Have you tried the avocado and soy sauce= smoked salmon? Or have you tried other combination? Let us know down in the comments below!


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