【Hong Kong】Top 6 (free) Apps to use when travelling in Hong Kong 🇭🇰

It’s only right for Miss Wai Ting to start her first travel related post with something related to Hong Kong. Which is why she decided to write a post about the best 8 apps to use when you visit there. Miss Wai Ting also personally use the majority of these apps and she definietly recommend you to download these onto your smartphone as it can help you get around the city.

1. Open Rice (available in Android and iOS)

Open rice


This app is basically a database of all the restaurants in Hong Kong (as well as Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia), it allows you to search the restaurant or the type of cuisine you want to eat and there is also a table booking function.


Anything related to food can be found in this app, this is definitely a must have app!

Miss Wai Ting often use this app, whether to look for some ideas as to where to eat, or because she’s meeting up with friends and have no idea where the restaurant is, she will definitely come here to look for answers!  


2. MTR Mobile (available in Android and iOS)

MTR Mobile


It may be much easier for tourists to take the metro when travelling to different places in HK, which is why this app will be useful. Although the different MTR lines are not as complicated as Tokyo, Seoul or even London, but this app is still very handy to have in your phone.

You can search the MTR station, landmark or address that you are travelling to and from, and it will provide a detail directions as to what line to take and also the nearest exit to your desired destination.

Miss Wai Ting doesn’t use this as much, but it is useful when you suddenly decide to take the MTR instead of waiting for a bus in the heat. 


3.City Bus NWFB (available in Android and iOS)



This app is just the best. With so many different bus routes, to find out which bus to take, where to get on and where to hop off is just too much for Miss Wai Ting, which is why she was so happy when she saw this app. A lot of people choose to take the bus instead of MTR because it is much cheaper option. This app allows you to directly search for the bus route, ‘from and to‘, nearby bus routes and also a journey tracker. If you turn on your GPS setting, it can also let you know what stop you are currently at and also notify you when to get off.

Another useful feature, is that it will show you where the stop is at, so you don’t have to worry too much in finding the right bus stop.


4. Octopus card reader 


There’s actually two to choose from if you have an android device, while iOS users only have the one on the left. The one on the left is actually the ‘official’ one, however most users prefer the one on the right (sorry iOS users).

Now if you don’t know what an octopus card is, it’s basically a very very useful card to have. Whether you are using the MTR, bus, tram, ferry, even taxi you can use this to pay for the fares. Simply go to a nearby convenience store (7-eleven, Circle K) and you can top up the card at the counter. You can also buy things at the convenience store using the Octopus card.

octopus logo

Simply look out for this logo at shops and it means you can use the card to pay.

Even the idea of London Oyster card comes from this, although Miss Wai Ting would say it’s less successful than the Octopus, simply because it’s restricted to be used ONLY in London transport. Taiwan also have an Easycard which is the equivalent to Octopus card too. 

5.My Observatory (我的天文台) (available in Android and iOS)


This is basically a weather app, which provides information regarding the weather in HK. Also it will notify the users about typhoon signal (during summer time in HK, not only is it hot and humid, but very often there are typhoons too, although it’s not as bad as you think it is… Just picture it as heavy rain and wind).

Miss Wai Ting haven’t actually used this app, simply because whenever she goes back to HK, it’s always hot and humid, very rarely does she experience a typhoon. XD

6.Hong Kong Tramways (available in Android only)

hk tramways

This app allows you to check when is the next tram coming, nearby tram-stops, and interactive map. It is similar to the City Bus app, but you will find this much simpler.

Miss Wai Ting has only recently just found out about this app. She tends to use the bus or MTR more than the tram even though it is the cheapest transport, because she’s unfamiliar with the stops and so she just don’t really know where to get off hahaha.  Let’s hope next time Miss Wai Ting visit HK, she will use the tram more often.
















If you have any recommended apps to use in Hong Kong, then let us know down in the comments below!

Miss Wai Ting




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