【Product Review】Kracie Popin’ Cookin! DIY Hamburger set

Ever since Miss Wai Ting saw someone on Youtube doing a review on this, she always wanted to try it herself. There are a wide range of these  Popin’ Cookin! DIY kits by Kracie, such as sushi, doughnuts, parfait, dumplings and many more! (See below for the whole range) Kracie popin

Miss Wai Ting happened to found these when she went back to Hong Kong last summer, the cheapest she found was $26 which is roughly £2.60 (while some sell them for a higher price. She decided to buy the two most popular kit: hamburger and sushi kit. You can also find these in Supermarkets in Japan, the one that Miss Wai Ting went sell them for ¥238 (back then it was around £1.50)

For those who may not know, these DIY kits only require you to add water to the powders to make these edible sweets, although there are some that requires you to heat it in the microwave.

Right, let’s get started shall we?

P1050152 watermarked
P1050153 watermarked

You will find the instructions at the back of the box, however it is all written in Japanese. It is possible to follow it even if you don’t know Japanese, but it will take more effort.

P1050155 watermarked

Once you open the box, you will find everything inside the wrapper. Make sure that you carefully open it because you will need it later! There are 6 packets of powder in total, each packet for a different thing (see below). P1050157 watermarkedP1050159 WM

There are several compartments provided: A and C are for the bread; B is for the burger; D is used as a mini measuring cup; E is used for the french fries; and F is used as a general mixing compartment; the cup provided is used for the cola.

However, before you get too excited to start mixing, there are some preparations to make first.

See images below

P1050161 WMP1050163 WMP1050165 WMP1050167 WM

Now that we’ve finished with all the preparations, let us get started with mixing!

I actually used the wrong compartment when mixing my bread, I should have used compartment F, the reason why it’s better not to use it, is because when you try to scrape the mixture into A and C, there are still some that are stuck in the sides. Which is why for my burger mixture I used the other one instead.

Once the bread and burger mixture is placed into the three compartments, you will then need to place it in the microwave. According to its instructions if the microwave is 500W then heat it for 40 seconds; 600W for 30 seconds. While the mixtures is being heated you can start mixing the french fries mixture. And you will also need to heat this in the microwave too (same time as the bread and burger mixture).

Once it has heated you will then need to cut it up as shown in the images above.

Once you have made the cheese mixture you will need to spread it out into the blue rectangle as shown below. I found it a bit difficult to actually spread it out like the way they have shown it on the image.


I cut the burger into 3 pieces because if I only cut it in half, then the burger will actually be quite thick. I have to say the burger actually smell really meaty, I would say it has a similar smell to the Steak & Onion flavour Walkers crisps.

Use the two mini flags to secure the burger.

When the water was added with the powder, there was actually a LOT of fizz. I would say it’s a bit sweeter than the coke that we normally drink. P1050210wm

Overall, the taste was better than expected. They actually taste a lot like the real thing. Although the bread doesn’t taste as good as the rest. Miss Wai Ting would definitely rate it a 10/10 for Fun and maybe 9/10 for the Taste.

What are your thoughts about these type of Japanese DIY kits? Would you try them yourself? Or if you already have, how did you find it? Comment below to let us know!

Until next time then!

Miss Wai TIng


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