【MY First Post!】

So I was thinking about what to write as my first post, and thought maybe I should write about what this blog is all about. I didn’t want this post to sound similar as writing an About and so I, Miss Wai Ting, thought that I should write about what this blog will hopefully contain. I’m not gonna write about why I decided to create this blog, the reasons gonna be all the same… Instead I want to write myself some targets, that hopefully you and I can look forward to.

So let’s get started!

First things first… I definitely want to post regularly, maybe once a week? or maybe once every two weeks? I know I can just post randomly but I feel like that is just gonna give myself an excuse and eventually not posting anything at all… hahaha. *fingers crossed* I think I will try and post something every two weeks (now I have two weeks to think about what to write XD).

In this blog I will definitely include reviews of my holiday trips and also the things that I brought, which will also link to the product reviews that I will write. I might also be doing reviews on my favourite book that I was reading, or a k-drama that I’m watching… (yes, I listen to K-pop and watch k-dramas ^.^).

I hope that you will be able to stay with me through this wonderful journey together.

Miss Wai Ting


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