【Book Review】Sherlock Holmes

Miss Wai Ting is planning to do this Book of the Month thing, where every month she will write a post about a book. It’s not necessarily a book review, it could simply just her thoughts or things that she wants to share with you relating to the book.

And this month she decided to start off with Sherlock Holmes.

The reason why she decided to write about Sherlock Holmes, is because she really enjoyed reading it. Before she has only seen the films of Sherlock Holmes (the one with Robert Downey Jr.) and she really liked how he portrayed Sherlock Holmes all those fighting scenes. However a few months ago she saw the one with Benedict Cumberbatch (only the film and not the drama) and she thought Cumberbatch’s version is too boring, there are less actions involved; although the story plot was very intriguing. Oh, how wrong was she, to have thought that!

As she began reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes, the more she began to agree that Cumberbatch was perfect for the role. She could only imagine Cumberbatch as Sherlock in her mind and thought maybe Robert Downey Jr should just stick to being Tony Stark XD

*slightly going off track* A few weeks ago I saw an article saying that the Marvel comics are planning to change Iron Man to a girl as Tony Stark wants to step down T.T *so sad*

Anyway, I would definitely recommend anyone that hasn’t read this to read it. This book has once again proven that the books are so much better than the film, though all three films are not bad too >.<

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree that the book is much better than the film? If you have seen both versions of Sherlock Holmes, which one do you prefer? Robert Downey Jr or Benedict Cumberbatch?

Comment below to share your thoughts 🙂



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